Friday, 28 January 2011

Beware the scammers

This could apply to any area but it seems that just now, scammers are targetting unsuspecting computer users in the Tenbury, Bromyard and Ludlow areas.

Although the scam takes many guises, they all start with an unexpected phone call.  The caller will then ask you about your computer and offer to improve its performance.  They will then try and persuade you to allow them to take remote control of your PC and fix it, for a fee of course - under no account must you let them do this because they could then put all sorts of things you don't want on your PC.

In the current scam the caller will try and tell you that BT have made some changes to the broadband network and that your PC needs to be 're-optimised' (or some similar word) to take advantage of the changes BT have made.

Needless to say BT have not made any changes and your PC does not need optimising (or at least not for the reason they say).

The caller will try and convince you that they can already see your screen and the problems you are having but rest assured they are lying.  Unless you take positive action to let them in, they cannot see a thing.

Remote takeover sessions can be a useful tool - we use them with our own customers - but never allow someone you don't know to take over you PC - you could end up in a world of PC and financial pain.

Previously this scam has taken a different form in that the caller claims to be from Microsoft and that they can speed up your PC, but the end result is the same.

If you have any doubts then consult a reputable IT specialist such as Reebex . If you have let one of these scammers in to your PC, we would urge you to get help as soon as possible because your PC may have been compromised and could be sending private information such as banking details out to the scammers without you knowing.

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