Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Net Widens

I've just had an email from a client near Evesham who received a scam call this morning.  It follows a slightly different form than the one i reported on Friday and to save retyping, I will just 'cut and paste' the description I received. (with thanks to Karen)

"A foreign gentlemen clarified my telephone number and asked if I have a computer running windows XP (I do have one that runs this version of windows still) and he said that Nigerian hackers are targeting windows XP and causing huge problems and that his company was ringing each and every person known to have XP.... he asked me to switch on my computer straight away so that he could help me....

I had asked who he was - didn't catch his name, but he was reluctant to expand on that and I persisted in asking him 'from where' - he said 'Full PC'
Of course, I declined as I didn't really trust him and said goodbye."

So it looks as if they are targeting everywhere at the moment.  Do what my client did - just hang up - do not let them take control of your PC.

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